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EzeHire Website Index

The following index has been created for quick reference for faster navigation to AV, Projectors, Inflatable movie screens, LED Screens and other AV & IT Rentals sections of this website. 

Audio Visual Equipment

  • Audio - We rent microphones, mixers, PA systems, and other Sound and Audio Equipment.   
  • Cameras  - Rental of Cameras and Digital Video Cameras are popular for recording your presentations for reference or publishing on your website.  
  • DVD & VCR - DVD and VCR Players are often rented in conjunction with plasma, data projectors or other video equipment.  
  • Electronic Whiteboard - Electronic whiteboard allow you to instantly print what you write on the whiteboard to hand out notes and keep attention.  
  • Flip Charts - We provide flipcharts with pads and pens for meetings & seminars.  
  • Giant Video Screens - We hire a wide range Big Screens, from 1.5m to 12m for outdoor & indoor events. 
  • Inflatable Movie Screens - Inflatable movie screens and outdoor cinema are impressive for indoor and outdoor movies and events, 
  • Lecterns - We sell and rent lecterns for functions. 
  • LED Screens - We hire a range of LED Screens for hire in the eastern states from trailer mounted to fixed frame requiring scaffold. 
  • Outdoor Cinema - Our Outdoor Movies is used by councils and for corporate events and are very popular for fundraising and School Fundraising. 
  • Overhead Projectors - We also rent and sell Overhead Projectors for schools and classrooms to project A4 transparencies.  
  • Microphones - We have a wide range of microphones including professional wireless, hand-held and lapel microphones.  
  • PA Systems - We have PA hire for party rentals, functions, conferences and can cater for any crowd and Audience size.  
  • Plasma TV - Plasma and LCD Televisions are available for events, trade shows, functions and exhibitions.  
  • Podium or Lectern - Think about a Podium or Lectern to hold notes and microphone and give you a formal place to speak from.  
  • Projectors Rentals - Data Projector Hire is very popular for sales presentations, training session, conferences. 
  • Projection Screens - Portable Tripod Projector Screens are available in a variety of sizes for meetings and presentations.  
  • Rear Projection Screen - We have small and Giant Rear Projection Screens of up to 8m to suit most crowds also available in outdoor cinema.  
  • Stages- We can help you with stages for your live events.  
  • Whiteboard - Mobile whiteboard with whiteboard markers are available but are less popular than electronic or interactive whiteboard. 

IT and Computer Rentals

  • Computers  - For your business IT needs we have Servers, workstations, PCs or entire networks. 
  • Laptops - You can choose from range of basic, business or executive Laptops or notebooks. These can also be hired with Data Projector and screen.
  • Monitors - We have a range of LCD Monitor rentals.  
  • Printers - Why take your office printer to your next conference when you can rent a printer form us.  
  • Server & Network - We rent and setup complete networks & wireless networks for training and temporary purposes.  

Apple Computer Rentals

We hire Apple iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Apple Cinema Display.

Business Equipment Rentals

  • Paper Binders  - Paper Binders bind all of your presentations and booklets.  
  • Paper Folder  - Hire paper folders to fold thousands of letters per hour.  
  • Paper Shredder - Business and commercial paper shredders for volume paper shredding.  
  • Paper Guillotine - Office and commercial paper Guillotines for your office.  
  • Paper Laminator - Office and commercial paper and roll laminators for your business.  
  • Paper Trimmer - Large and small capacity paper trimmers for those trimming jobs around the office.  
  • Staplers - Electronic staplers, saddle staplers and commercial office staplers for all your stapling needs.  

Rental as an Alternative Means of Finance

Rental Finance is now a Major Source of Finance in Australia with rental rates are now comparable to and often less expensive than conventional leasing as a package.

Business Opportunities


How do Businesses save money by renting?

  1. As an alternative to finance there are no financing costs or establishment fees. 
  2. You save capital. There is no capital outlay so businesses conserve capital by hiring equipment as and when they need it.  
  3. No Depreciation & Obsolescence you worry about. Hired equipment never becomes obsolete or depreciates. You just ask for it to be replaced! 
  4. Budgeting, Accounting and Administration are much simpler and easier to plan. Hiring equipment does not require capital budgeting and does not require general accounting for depreciation or balance sheet.  
  5. You save money with Space and Storage. With office space at a premium of up to $1000 or more per square metre it can certainly cost your business a lot of money if you store unnecessary items. The cost of storage always exceeds the cost of the equipment in a very short time. 
  6. You save time with the convenience of rentals.  It a lot faster to call rental company than it is to arrange to lease equipment or shopping around to purchase assets plus you get immediate delivery. The convenience of having access to most business equipment almost immediately saves business a lot of time and money.  
  7. You get Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee. As opposed to purchased or leased equipment all hired equipment comes with a full Fix or Replace Guarantee for the life of the equipment and it is delivered to your door. When you buy equipment you only get limited warranty that runs out.  
  8. You get Exactly the Right Tools for the job, without shopping around and without compromise, and you pay only a fraction of the purchase cost.  
  9. Give it back easily when you are finished with it. No need to worry about paying out leasing contracts. 
  10. Hire companies have a lot more services than you get from retailers. This includes technology installs, networking and fast maintenance of all hired equipment.  
  11. When you rent equipment the maintenance is included - Our equipment is always fully serviced and they come with your required software fully loaded.  
  12. You always get top Brands for great reliability. We hire only top brands to ensure quality and satisfaction. 

Home || Hire Projector ScreensFast Support and Computer Help Desk

We provide the best support and maintenances available in the industry. We are the only hire company to that provides Automated Computer Maintenance, regular and on-demand computer optimisations and Virtual Technicians for fast online support.

Trouble ticketing is also instantly available from the desktop to save you time and for the convenience of your employees.

Call us on 1300 789403 for Projectors, Outdoor Cinema, Inflatable Movie ScreenLED Screen, Video WallsPA Systems, Audio Visual, Video Camera, Lecterns, Business Equipment, Computer rentals and more.  We are importers of LED Screens and designers of quality and custom made Outdoor Movie Screens and are importers of LED Screens. 
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